Perfect Vegan Waffles

IMG_3187Are you team waffles or team pancakes? I am definitely team waffles. I love the texture, the little bit of crispiness and waffles don’t have an overwhelming richness to them. These waffles are truly the perfect waffles and would make anyone happy. I promise you no one would know they are vegan.

You can use any type of flour you want. I used a combination of whole wheat and white flour. If you do use some sort of a gluten free flour like oat flour you are going to need to add more plant milk. I like to use unsweetened, original almond milk but you can use any plant milk you like.

2 tbsp vegan butter [28g]
2 tbsp coconut sugar [24g]
2 tsp baking powder [10.4g]
1/2 cup whole wheat flour [60g]
1/2 cup white flour [60g]
1 cup cup plant milk [240 mL]
1 tsp vanilla extract

First, measure the two flours out and mix them together to create one flour mixture. Then cream the butter and sugar together. It helps if the butter is slightly softened. Once they are creamed together add in about two thirds of the plant milk, half of the flour mixture, baking powder and vanilla extract. Mix the batter together and try to get out any clumps from the flour. Then slowly add in the rest of the flour and milk. I like to work with it in smaller amounts so I have more control over the consistency of the batter. It allows me to add less or more of the flour/milk if necessary. The batter should be thick but still have some movement to it. Heat up your waffle iron and then add in your batter. If using a mini waffle iron use about 1/4 cup of batter, if using a regular size use about 1/2 cup of batter. The waffle will take about 3-5 minutes to cook. You will see steam coming out of the waffle iron and once the steam stops coming out your waffles are done!

Makes about 9-11 mini waffles and 4-5 regular sized waffles.

Vegan Waffles Pin


4 thoughts on “Perfect Vegan Waffles

  1. Hi! I’m from Italy, thanks for this recipe, they came out super tasty and crunchy outside/soft inside! Awesome result!
    The only thing I would like to share is that, as we do not have cups in Italy, using the grams scale I had to add approximately 80 more grams of flour for a perfect result (this way I obtained 8 medium waffles). Thank you for sharing your recipe!


  2. First time making waffles since my daughter became vegan a couple of years ago. I made them for her birthday breakfast with vegan, homemade Nutella and they were a hit. Thank you!


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