20 Minute Meals


I know not everyone has time to cook. I totally get it. While I absolutely adore being in the kitchen, and am lucky enough to have made this my job, I know not everyone works that way. So for all my busy friends or people who just hate the kitchen this one is for you!


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Giant Tortilla Soup Taquitos


I have a super fun and delicious recipe for you guys! Taquitos are amazing. They are a crispy tortilla filled with yummy fillings, I mean who can really complain? These taquitos are baked instead of deep fried. This makes them much healthier and much easier to cook. They are also made with Right Foods Tortilla Soup. This helps to speed up the process of making these since the soup is extremely flavorful. Continue reading “Giant Tortilla Soup Taquitos”

Spicy Vegan “Chicken” Nuggets


Are you ready to have your mind blown? Because these spicy vegan “chicken” nuggets are about to do it. These were inspired by the spicy chicken nuggets from Wendy’s but these are way better. No animals where harmed, these are baked instead of deep fried and they are a great source of protein without all the cholesterol and fat.


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High Protein Buffalo Tofu Mac and Cheese


I am all about revamping the classics into a healthier form. While classic mac and cheese was always amazing I think we can all agree it isn’t exactly the most nutritious meal you could be eating. But don’t worry with this recipe you can have your vegan mac and cheese and eat it too! A cheese sauce that is so good you won’t believe it is made of cashews, cauliflower and cannellini beans. This recipe is healthy, high protein and almost gluten free (minus the breadcrumbs on the tofu)!


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