Crispy Tofu + Vegan Honey Mustard


Let’s talk about crispy tofu. If you are a tofu hater you have to try eating your tofu this way. Whenever I make my tofu this way it comes out crispy and reminds me almost of a piece of chicken cutlet or chicken nugget. Dipping it in the vegan honey mustard or BBQ sauce just compliments it so well. So trust me, if you have never made tofu this way give it a whirl.

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Crispy Tofu Winter Tacos


I love tacos. Over the summer I made Crispy Potato + Chickpea Tacos. They had very seasonal flavors for the summer. So I thought if I had to make a taco that was seasonal for winter what would it include? I knew I wanted to put pomegranate in there. I have been loving kale and the green and red together look so festive. Then I thought a crispy, breaded tofu is warm and comforting. Topped off with a creamy, cheesy sauce and bam! Winter tacos were made.

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