Spicy Vegan “Chicken” Nuggets


Are you ready to have your mind blown? Because these spicy vegan “chicken” nuggets are about to do it. These were inspired by the spicy chicken nuggets from Wendy’s but these are way better. No animals where harmed, these are baked instead of deep fried and they are a great source of protein without all the cholesterol and fat.


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Vegan “Chicken” Nuggets

Vegan “Chicken” Nuggets

Prior to going vegan I would have never thought tofu would be as incredible as it is. I can make just about anything out of tofu. Vegan cheese substitutes, vegan meat substitutes, it can add creaminess to dishes, tofu scramble. I mean really you name it and tofu can most likely do it. So it is of course no surprise that these vegan chicken nuggets are pretty darn incredible.

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