About Me

Welcome to Plantifully Based! I am Francesca and I make all of the content you see. Here is a place to find vegan inspiration and ideas! I created an anonymous Instagram account called 30 Vegan Days in April 2016. My only goal was to use it as a food diary and find some recipe ideas. In June I decided I wanted to get more serious about food photography and creating recipes. I came up with the name Plantifully Based, created a little logo and decided to buy a camera and stop using my iPhone. Here we are today four years later. I am still learning a lot about food photography, food styling and living a vegan lifestyle. So come follow me on this crazy journey!

I am 27 years old. I went to school for Vocal Performance, I have a BFA and a MM. I have two dogs named Bella and Roxy who are the absolute best.. I love creating whether it was through singing, Pinterest DIYs or recipes like I do now. I feel the best when I create. My hope is that you leave this page with a little more insight into the vegan lifestyle and feel inspired to try a recipe.

I am all about healthy-ish vegan comfort food. Food that has all the comforting flavors and textures of non-vegan food but way healthier. Usually made from whole ingredients to create a delicious result.

*please do not repost or share my recipes or pictures without permission from me, thank you!

Photo Credit: Peter Valcarcel