Vegan Chick’n Pot Pies


Long time no see guys! Sorry for being a bit MIA I was busy working on my new ebook which is now out for purchase if you are interested. But now I am back in action! So let’s kick off our holiday recipes with these amazing vegan chick’n pot pies. A homemade flakey pie crust that is so rich and buttery (minus the butter of course) combined with a hearty, creamy filling.


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Chili Cheese Fries


In case you haven’t realized by now I love comfort food. I am all about creamy, saucy, warming food but with a healthy twist. These chili cheese fries are made with Right Foods French Lentil Soup which is heathy and of course vegan. Using the lentils helps to speed up process of making the chili and tons of added nutrition benefits! Continue reading “Chili Cheese Fries”